Our Activities

Our Activities

Knots & Sutures

A workshops dedicated to students in the preclinical years to help them familiarize themselves with surgical instruments, to learn correctly the method of performing a surgical knot, basic surgical procedures (incisions, sutures), wound management, everything in a professional manner, encouraging them to discover their passion and skills for surgery as early as the first years of their studies. This project is successfully implemented in all SSCR branches and is practiced on biological material (pork leg)

Basic Surgical Skills

For six days, participants will familiarize themselves with the asepsis and antisepsis measures of the operator black, basic surgical insturments, learn surgical knots and surgical sutures, learn the usual surgical maneuvers, wound management concepts, and then the opportunity to apply the basic notions in performing intestinal, vascular and laparoscopic procedures. The practical part is made on biological material made available by organizers (pork leg, intestine, aorta) as well as laparoscopic simulators. Most of the time, it is an absolutely necessary workshop in order to participate in more advanced workshops. This project is successfully implemented in all SSCR branches.

Basic Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Procedures Workshops (B.P.R.S.P.)

It is a specialized workshop that aims to familiarize the participants with the specific instruments of plastic surgery, with specific methods for skin defects, following the characteristic procedures of this specialty, with applications in hand surgery, realizing: vascular, nerve, tendon sutures and various flaps. This project is practiced on biological material (pork).

Applied Surgical Techniques (A.S.T.)

It is a bold, unique event, organized in collaboration with UMF Craiova’s Department of Anatomy, under the coordination of Prof. Univ. Dr. Ion Mindrila and organized in National Premiere in SSCR’s Craiova Branch! Students will achieve, for 3 days, procedures for Thoracic, Plastic, Orthopaedics and General Surgery in a practical way on human corpses.

Live Applied Surgical Techniques (L.A.S.T.)

A project organized in National premiere in SSCR’s Craiova branch, which is currently being held ONLY in this branch. For 3 months, students will be able to join the medical staff in the operating room, tracking pre-, intra-, and post-operative patients with full collaboration from Plastic, Thoracic and General Surgery Departments. The participants will enter the operative room under the strict supervision of the SSCR’s coordinator and the instructor surgeon.

Basic Cardiovascular Surgery Skills (B.C.S.S.)

A project of a fantastic extent, succeeds in familiarizing students with the idea of Cardiac and Cardiovascular Surgery. Starting with the microsurgical instruments introduction and ending with aortic-coronary bypass and valvuloplasty, this workshop proved to be a real success in demonstrating to students that they have the skills to pursue a career as Cardiovascular Surgeons. It is carried out using biological material (pork heart), as well as chest cavity simulation and specific microsurgery instrumentation.

Basic Ophthalmology Surgical Skills (B.O.S.S.)

The acronym itself (B.O.S.S) says a lot about what is one of the most sophisticated workshops SSCR Craiova is very proud of. Made in national premiere regarding certain techniques, techniques that are still being developed exclusively in Craiova branch (Oculoplastic Surgery, Eye Exenteration, Intraocular injections technique, Strabismus surgery). It consists in surgical ophthalmic procedures under magnifying glass and operative microscope! This workshop tests the microsurgery skills of the participants and their finesse to work with some of the most delicate structures of the human body – the structures of the eyeball and its attachments, being practiced on biological material (pork eye and head) as well on human corpses.

Basic Skills in Interventional Radiology (B.S.I.R.)

This advanced workshop, organized in colabortion with A.M.R.I.C, has the purpose to teach students and young doctors how to make radiologic and imagistic interventions in a correct and healthy manner for both patients and doctors. Using dedicated instruments and simulators, the participants have the opportunity to learn in just two days how to use the human arterial map in the advantage of building an image of the human body.

Basic Skills in Urology (B.S.U.)

Being one of the most elected specialities among young doctors, this workshop helps the students to decide if Urology is suitable for them. After a two-day training, the students manage to learn most of the basic skills that come in real handy for a young urologist, and all is possible by applying the theoretical part (held by Prof. Univ. Dr. George Mitroi and his team) on specialized simulators and biological material (pork kidneys).

Advanced Skills in Thoracic Surgery (A.S.T.S.)

Ever wonder how is like to operate on lungs and open thoracic cavities? Well, we have the answer to this question. With the help of Prof.Univ. Dr. Ion Mindrila and his surgical team, we put to the students’ disposal procedures such pneumonectomy right and left, intercostal nerve anesthesia or how to do an oro-tracheal intubation using both human corpse and the pulmonary blocks from the pork.

Advanced Skills in Orthopaedics and Traumatology (A.S.O.T.)

Having the desire to help someone in the street who is in pain after a small accident and don’t know how to proceed? This workshop gives you the perfect set of skills to do that and much more. From basic things such as cast immobilization of a broken arm or leg to a more advanced surgical approach such as gamma nail for pertrochanteric frature. Thanks to Prof Univ. Dr. Dan Anusca and his surgical team students are guided step by step in all operations learning how to work in team and under the guidance of a collegue.

Scientific Paper Presentations

The theoretical component of a future surgeon is not at all neglected. SSCR Craiova organizes monthly Scientific Paper Presentations, in which students can present original papers, simulating the full extent of a congress. The jury consists of a medical and / or university staff who are specialized in the main topic of the session. SSCR Craiova enjoys the achievement of 21 Scientific Paper Presentation in Romanian and English (2013-2017), of about 105 active participants that we managed to orientate in the correct and complete presentation of a scientific paper, being helpful to them in the event of a presentation at a Congress / Conferences